What people are saying about Pour’dland hand poured silver!

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Inside a Chinese coin counterfeiting ring

Please click link below to learn more about counterfeits coming out of factories in China. http://coins.about.com/od/worldcoins/ig/Chinese-Counterfeiting-Ring/   At Portland Precious Metals and Coin we stand by any and everything we sell. We take the threat of counterfeits very seriously, as If our reputation depends on it because well, our reputation …

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About Counterfeit Gold and Silver

Precious Metals and Coin Dealer in Portland, OR

How do You know if what you’re buying is real or authentic? Please click link and read http://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/glitters-not-gold-fake-gold-silver-coins-flooding-market-n591201 Below we have Uploaded some pictures of what we consider to be the best fakes to have come into the shop (We Identified these as counterfeit and did not purchase them) What …

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Buying Bullion local vs. Online

The Precious Metals investor now has more options than ever before for purchasing physical Precious Metals. There are multitudes of Bullion dealers large and small Online and Local to choose from. When buying from a large online company the experience can not only be impersonal but what guarantee do you …

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