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1 oz American Gold Eagle (22 k) call Call
American gold Buffalo (24 k) Back dates unavailable Call
Krugerrand (22 k) spot Call
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf spot Call
1/2 oz American Gold Eagle call
1/4 oz Gold Eagle/ Maple leaf, Krugerrand call
1/10th oz Gold Eagle/Maple leaf $ sold out
1 oz gold bar Call sold out


1 oz Rounds/bars see specials page  call
5 oz silver bars see specials page sold out
10 oz silver bars sold out
100 oz silver bars sold out sold out


American Silver Eagles $spot + $6
see specials
Australian Silver Kangaroo unavailable sold out
Canadian Silver Maple Leafs sold out
90% “Junk” Silver (halves, quarters dimes) sold out sold out
$1000 face value bags of 90% “Junk” Silver (halves, quarters dimes) Call unavailable curently
Common Morgan Dollars $20 SOLD OUT
Common Peace Dollars $18 sold out

*NEW* We are very proud and excited to introduce Hand Poured .999+ fine Silver Bars and rounds.
Portland Precious Metals and Coin is the Northwests’ Exclusive distributor of Pour’dland brand Hand Poured silver products. Each Piece is Unique, and features the Pour’dland logo as well as its weight and purity.

2 oz Poured Bar Spot + $4.25/oz out
3 oz Poured Bar or Round Spot + $5.25/oz sold out
5 oz Poured Bar or round Spot + $5.25/oz sold out
10 oz Poured Bar or Round Spot + $3.25/oz Sold out
6 oz Oregon Poured Bar (most popular bar locally) Spot + $5.25/oz  Sold out



Platinum 1 oz bars  Call
Platinum 1 gram Pamp bars $38ea In Stock


1 oz copper walking liberty rounds or bars $1.25/ea In Stock
brand new tubes of  (20) 1 oz copper walking liberty rounds $20.00 In Stock
2 lb copper Bar $16.50 ea Sold out!

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